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Amber Morey-Wu is currently working at as a Principal Program Manager at Atlassian, leading the company goal planning cycle, but is still available for consulting, training and facilitation opportunities.

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Let's get started.

Contact Amber Morey-Wu for a complimentary one hour consultation where you will discuss your business challenges. She’ll create a customized proposal on how to move forward which will have three phases:

  • Define

  • Design 

  • Deliver

In Define she will meet with key people across your organization to understand your business and challenges more deeply. Then she will Design the proposed solutions to help your business reach the discussed goals. Amber will work with your team to implement and Deliver solutions that could include process changes, training, and more.

Business Team Training Listening Meeting


Great companies invest in their people.

Training can help increase efficiency and productivity, diversify your team members’ skill sets to provide greater value, and reduce attrition. 

The training courses listed below can be customized to your company.  If you don’t see what you are looking for, additional courses can be custom created upon request.  Several topics can be packaged into half or full day sessions.

  • Agile Training (Scrum and Kanban) - 1 day

  • Project Management for newbies - ~1 day

  • Decision Making and Ownership - 1 - 2 hours

  • Goal setting using OKRs (for individual contributors) - 1 - 2 hours

  • Working Remotely - 1 - 2 hours

  • Great Meetings - 1 hour

  • Great Retrospectives - 1 hour

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Focused and inclusive, delivering results

Having facilitated multi-day executive off-sites, as well as virtual half and full day sessions, Amber Morey-Wu has the experience to make your next strategy session, meeting or retrospective a success.

Amber is a formally trained facilitator. She will work with you to understand your goals and uncover what results and work product you want to walk away with.  This could include a strategy plan, an alignment on a decision, action items with a formal follow-up session etc. 

In your consultation prior to the facilitated session or offsite, you will explore who the key players are in your upcoming session to ensure you have all the right people to achieve your goal output.  You’ll also discuss if any attendees might be disruptive or try to sideline the goals so that Amber will be prepared to address those challenges and steer the meeting back in the right direction. Finally she will make sure the right tools (virtual or physical) are prepared to support a smooth meeting flow.

Amber knows exactly what you and your team needs for a successful session. Book a discovery call today to learn more.

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